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Good workplace etiquette increases efficiency and effectiveness and thereby increases the potential of each worker, staff member, or manager. People spend a large part of their time at work with others so they should understand and practice good people skills.
An interesting difference between cultures concerning the workplace is what is expected between superiors and their subordinates. In some corporates cultures, subordinates may be expected to do lots of menial tasks for their bosses while in others the subordinate does what their job description states and very little else.
There are lots of things that make up good manners and behaviour in a place of work. Each work environment is somewhat different and it’s important to get to know the one where you’ll be spending so much of your time. The cardinal rules is to treat people with respect, no matter what their job or position.
National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
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Business meetingsHave you ever been to a meeting and after an hour or so, on the way out, a colleague asks, “What is the reason for all this noise?”
It is not uncommon to attend a meeting that takes too much time for what is does: endless arguments; numerous points of view; subjects not examined in detail and few actions taken. When the meeting ends, the reason for it remains the background. 
The solution is simple: when conducting a meeting, make it as short as possible; then everyone knows why it was called and what they have to produce as a result.
We conduct meetings for two main reasons: conveying information and solving problems.
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Swiss customs

It should come as no surprise that such efficient people work long and hard hours.

Apart from long hours, work entails a high degree of honesty and integrity that ensures follow-through as well as punctuality, and people do not bring their personal lives into the office.

Being well-organized and keeping your work space tidy is important. The Swiss also pay careful attention to personal care and grooming. They are quite materialistic, and quality is important.

The Swiss have little regard for anything ostentatious. They work hard for their money and equally hard at saving it.

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