negociando com chinesesThe Chinese culture privileges the preservation of harmony and avoids all attitudes that can lead to an open confrontation. For the Chinese, the need to maintain social order is a precondition for the resolution of any conflict. Tactics used to prevent or resolve conflicts include strategic use of time, agreements to preserve honor, and greater flexibility.
Respect and sincerity are the feelings that, one must try to show throughout the meetings. On the other hand, any manifestation that can be interpreted as arrogant or excessive intimacy should be avoided. All this has a cultural interpretation of its own which, in addition to being misunderstood by other cultures, can cause embarrassing situations. Remember that Western languages are linear, but the Chinese language is contextual. If in our language we do not understand a word, we can still understand the meaning. But in the Chinese context if a word is not understood, the whole sentence will not be understood either. So if you realize that something is not clear, do not hesitate to repeat the whole sentence again. Do not be afraid to apologize for the slightest incident.
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